The herbal paradise of Slovenian Istria.
is located in the village of Trsek, which belongs to the municipality of Koper, and the local community of Marezige. There we married couple Sonja Kocjančič-Posedi and Urban Posedi created a real herbal- energy paradise. We are at 298 meters above sea level and belongs under the mountain farm. You have read it well, in the middle of Istria there is a mountain farm. We are currently processing 3 hectares of land on which we have planted various herbs. Helichrysum Italicum, Lavender, Calendula Officinalis, Yarrow, Centaury, Hemp, Mint, some vine plants and 200 olive trees. All this is produced and processed in a natural way, with the modern installation of steam distillation, which is one of the bigger ones in our country. In this property there is also the first living energy labyrinth, which has one olive tree on each side of the sky and in the middle is the oak. As you know, trees and plants are living beings, so the labyrinth is alive because it breathes and grows. Beside this labyrinth, there are 6 energy circuits in which different herbs are planted in each round. Since our purpose is to bring back to people NATURE and NATURAL PRODUCTS, we set up a HERBAL-ENERGY learning path, where we present you exactly what nature offers.


In the lower gallery you can see the picture material from the beginning of the creation of HERBAL PARADISE until today


Media about us


         03.03.2020 Radio Koper- Edinstven čebelnjak iz suhozida.



          12.12. 2019 Članek v glasilu krajevne skupnosti Marezige - KANAVA št.10


         14.10. 2019  obisk Osnovne KOŠANA- Naravoslovni dan.



          22.10. 2019 RTV Slovenija - DOBRO JUTRO - Koper



          20.06. 2019 RTV Slovenija - DOBRO JUTRO - Ljubljana



          09.11. 2018 RTV Slovenija - NA LEPŠE



         04.08. 2018 Planet TV  - POLETNI DAN



       10.06. 2018 TV SLO1 - LJUDJE in ZEMLJA



        05.06. 2018 TV Koper Capodistria - Primorska kronika



         08.01. 2018 Primorske novice



         27.12. 2017 časopis istra- obisk varovancev VDC Koper



        88 Revija Narava Zdravi  november 2017

         https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/113810210863170613665/album/6502438586250687633/6502438591469321346? authkey=CPK-wO2jve62cg


         06.07. 2017 Članek v megamama



          27.01. 2016  Članek v Svet24.si Od sedežev do angelov




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