Programs and Offers Herbal Paradise of Slovenian Istria



The programs and offers of the Herbal Paradise of Slovenian Istria  are intended for larger groups, faculties with whom we already work, schools, individuals, and everyone else.


There are many variants available, which we agree upon prior announcement, and we comply with the needs and wishes of visitors, which also affects the price of the offer.


In addition to a guided tour of the entire estate on which the herbs are planted - Helichrysum Italicum (Imortalle), Lavander, Calendula, Yarrow, Mint and also what kind of new one will be available. We can also make you a professional lecture on re-linking: Man-nature-herbs-universum.


When picking herbs, how to care for them, with what and how to remove weed, what kind of machines are used, what was needed to process them, and why (innovations).


We show you how we have solved the problems with wild animals, especially wild boar, which do the most damage. (electric shepherd 20J to solar cells with a 220 V converter).


We disclose and make a professional lecture on the processing of herbs by the steam distillation process in one of the major professional boilers in Slovenia in FLORAL WATER and ESSENTIAL OIL. To what extent are these floRAL water good , for what they are used and a whole lot of useful information in this regard.


The offer includes floral water tasting, Schnapps (Schnapps from JUNIPER, for which we received a golden award). and the Istrian specialty of the crochet


I highly recommend visiting, as you will step into a truly unspoiled nature with PEACE, BEAUTIFUL NATURE and MISCELLANEOUS HERBS.We have a LARGE KNOWLEDGE, which we are delighted to share between you.



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