LIVE Energy Labyrinth



Why LIVE Energy Labyrinth? 

A living energy labyrinth is because it is connected to the four OLIVE TREES that grow along the sides of the labyrinth and are planted exactly on certain celestial directions, east, west, north and south, and are an integral part of the labyrinth. These olives also represent the symbol PEACE and PURITY. The OAK in the middle of the labyrinth is the 'king' of Celtic forests. It is a sacred Celtic tree that symbolizes the time of growth, power, fertility, emphasis on the construction and operation of wisdom, knowledge and truth. Because trees grow and are living beings, they are an integral part of the labyrinth.Nobody else has done this kind of thing on this earth. It means LABYRINTH is LIVE.


How does the Labyrinth work?

This Labyrinth acts on a human very beneficial, as it increases vibration and helps to drop faster and throws away all the unnecessary ballast that you accumulate in the course of your life. A type of washing machine for human emotions, we could say. You must previously apply for a visit to the labyrinth (041378797) andthen you get the date and time. From that moment on, the process begins, which starts the help to the problems you want to solve. Sometimes people ask me why they had a strange feeling in the middle of an application and when they visit the Labyrinth this feeling was different, strange . It's completely normal because this is only what is needed to initiate the process, which is then completed in LABYRINTH.


What does energy monitoring mean?

When you enter in the energy labyrinth, you connect with yourself. This means that you focus on yourself and your feelings. ALWAYS LISTEN TO YOUR HEART. This means that your head is not in a shopping center, with new shoes, clothes, on the beach and so on. Here you face yourself with your fears, your burdens and your life issues. When you do, you go on your way, where your guides, assistants and everyone who are there are now coming to your aid in your step in life, they are waiting for you there. When you walk around the labyrinth, I am watching you with energy and I feel a couple of% as you feel. It's a therapy in nature. I am the first biotherapist to perform therapies in an energy labyrinth, in an unspoiled nature where the boiling point of the earth's energy is very strong. You are in peace here, and some, after a very long time, feel again what PEACE, TRANQUILLITY and CONNECTION really are.In the labyrinth you always get exactly what you need. But you are the one who must work, to drop and tovtry. I give you only directions how and what. But it depends on you whether you take it or not.


And what are the experiences?

Very Different. Each individual is waiting for a unique experience when facing himself. Some laugh, others cry, others feel the tingling, some sing again, some whistles, stop and they resume, some almost run, others go step by step slowly towards the center. And in the exact middle is the strongest where you get exactly what you need. In the labyrinth, all the conversions and masks that you find to fit in with the surroundings are dissolved. You areYOU here. Since the installation of the labyrinth in September 2016 and until November 2018, more than 1000 people have gone over the labyrinth. Everybody has a unique experience. Of course, curious and dubious also come to prove that the stack of stones Urban has imposed does not and can not work. Anyway, you always get what you came for .That is all I am going to say abou that..


What makes people most likely to come?

Most of them are (loaded) with anger, frustration, sadness, the role of the victim, they do not like themselves, they do not know what the word "love" means, because they never received it, lack of gratitude and so on... People with health problems, which are related to the problems mentioned above. Everybody has some nice suppressed package. But when it comes to the labyrinth, it's on the right track because it means he is looking for help.THERE IS ALWAYS HELP FOR THOSE WHO ARE LOOKING FOR IT.


The location of the energy labyrinth?

The labyrinth is located in the hinterland of the Municipality of Koper more precisely in the beautiful Istrian village TRSEK. When you announce your visit, we send you an SMS with the correct information how to find us on the easiest way.


How much does it cost ?

The price for one therapy per person is 30 €


Where can I order?

You can subscribe via SMS or CALL 041378797 - Urban and then I send you the exact details of how to reach the energy labyrinth.



In 2018, the energy labyrinth gets additional energy circuits that are designed to regulate your CHAKRAS (energy centers of a person). First, an energy circle was created, which is intended for 6. chakra - the third eye, and the LAVANDER herbs are planted in it, which, with its color and vibration, supports 6. chakra. Then the energetic circle which supports the 5. throat chakra is planted with four bush of JUNIPER TREE , which, with its vibration and color, supports the throat chakra. The next is for the 4. heart chakra in which three OLIVE TREES are planted, which with their vibration and color support the heart chakra. The remaining three energy circuits are still in production, and they will be manufactured as soon as possible




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