Ointment  PLAVČEK

Ointment PLAVČEK

The composition of this ointment is all linked with JUNIPER. Macerate St. John's wort, essential oil of juniper, essential oil of Istrian mint, soaked fruits of juniper berries, juniper tips and Istrian mint in vegetable fat. which is macerated for 10 to 20 days. For the good strength of the ointment, home-made beeswax is used. So the product is 100% natural. This ointment is intended for helping swollen and tired legs, joint pain, muscle and arthritis, bruises, bumps, rheumatism, back pain, neck pain... It can also be used after shaving, it smells very well and has a very pleasant feeling on the skin. Against a headache and migraine (massage temple and forehead) Also for athletes and all people who play a role in the sport because of the active ingredients which soothing, anti-inflammatory and mildly analgesic (alleviates inflammation and pain in the muscles and joints - an ointment is applied to the affected part of he body). We recommend use together with our floral water from Juniper. First clean your skin with Juniper hydrolate. When it dries, then lubricate with an ointment PLAVČEK .
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